Brad A. Donovan

Entrepreneur/ International Energy Consultant/ Honorary Consul of Iceland in Mexico







  • Canadian Embassy of Washington D.C. - Coordination of Public Affairs and Community Engagement for the listening post of Canada in the United States of America. Event and Security Detail for VIPs and diplomats.
  • CEO of Donovan Group of Companies - Multi-media company employing up to 40 people producing corporate image, websites, videos, documentaries and software.
  • Tequilera La Quemada - COO of the distillery, created organic blue agave farms and the first certified organic and kosher tequilas in the world. International gold medal award winning products.
  • Atlantic Dream Homes Group - Design and Build of 8 Custom Dream Homes in Atlantic Canada, company sold.
  • Petroleum Investigative Network - Institute formed to help determine oil and gas viability in Atlantic Canada as well as economic impact studies for local communities.
  • Green Belt Sydney, Nova Scotia - Initiative for creating parks, green spaces and active living activities for urban communities with the Cape Breton Wellness Center.
  • Calac Mool Cooperative - Raised public and private funding, I formed this cooperative which now houses a community bank and eco-hotel, sustainable agriculture, Amaranto candy factory, adult education and microcredit facilities.
  • Canada World Youth - Exchange with Tunisia and Quebec, 8 months of volunteer work with underprivileged children.
  • Beyond pyramids - Raised funds and produced a documentary on social and environmental issues for a group of 7 Canadians in Egypt.



Development projects with an eye for socio-economic impacts in the context of a politically driven and sophisticated society. Empowering energy projects by mitigating community, government and environmental risks with proactive engagement and organizational strategies.


Mexican and international banking facilities for structured finance in 350 specialized areas.


Integrity, communication and risk mitigation are requisites for navigating the system in Mexico, I help steer that process with excellent legal support options.


Government support, private security and intelligence support and retired FBI agents make up the security team with a perfect record.


As Honorary Consul of Iceland, I have the privilege of working closely with Ambassadors and Secretaries in Mexico.


Assisting Mexican and foreign companies to effectively navigate the business environment in Mexico.


My team and eye are door openers, my team is to sit my clients with relevant decision making counterparts.


Due to our unique orientation and experience in the industry we are in position to influence online undercurrents and thus establish character and reputation as perceived via internet search engines.


We constantly are presented with and scan for relevant and important opportunities for our clients to close on desired results and goals.


My team and I work by setting goals together with our clients so that they may confidently set out to accomplish their goals in a timely fashion by hitting the ground running. Customer service is key, setting and executing the best meetings possible with decision makers get results. We constantly measure the project’s progress, and this allow us the foresight to develop results on the timeline, in the context of local attitudes, abilities, skills and financial capacities to give our clients the best possible outcomes.


I have worked from encouraging organic farming to increase value of farm produce in Mexico, promoting alternative educational systems in urban communities, to heading an initiative of alternative medicine practices for which Mexico is so well known. My clients can feel free to invest in these alternative development projects as well, often as a way of giving back to the communities that they are profiting from.

My struggle

Mexico and its incredible potential is my biggest struggle and passion today. I see this country as the umbilical cord of the world, a symbol of paradox and tremendous beauty. Mexico is so incredibly biodiverse and rich in natural resources, history and culture and is moving towards its place as a global leader. The family values prevalent in Mexico and the ingenuity and entrepreneurial zest of its people are its greatest resources. This country embodies so much beauty and also many of the elements of suffering in our world today, a metaphor to the struggle to save ourselves and our beautiful world, a symbol that faith, hope and smart work overcome environmental destruction, spiritual apathy and moral degradation.

My skills for organizing and motivating others to help themselves has positioned me in senior levels in the Mexican government in particular. This is summed up in my involvement in projects focused on energy, sustainability and community economic development. I am blessed to be surrounded by talented and positive people that feel the contagion of my desire to help Mexico realize its potential. Every day, my team and I do our part to illuminate this special corner of the world, contributing to its course of ambition and self-realization satisfied that our daily work leaves this world and this country a better place. The results of our efforts will be the best judgement and reward over the next 30 years, thanks for staying tuned.

My Philosophy

“In service to others, I am laden with skills for organizing and motivating people to help themselves, achieving results and letting them go. This is summed up in my involvement in sustainable and community economic development projects, with a special focus on energy in Mexico. The resources created from the energy reform will revolutionize the country and empower its social programs over the next generation”.

“To the spirit, nothing is impossible”

Brad A. Donovan

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